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Vernon Ready Divorce & Family Law
Top Denver family law attorney Vernon Ready helps clients through difficult family law cases such as divorce, seperation, child support, child custody, alimony, marital agreements, restraining orders, adoption and more. If you live in the state of Colorado and are in need of a good family lawyer then visit Vernon's website or feel free to call him at (303) 997-1780 to ask a free legal question or schedule a consultation.
Address : 899 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203
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McGuane and Hogan
At the Colorado family law firm of McGuane and Hogan, we often handle the marriage dissolutions of business executives, doctors, lawyers, dentists, certified public accountants, athletes, and other professionals who have significant assets they wish to protect. We also represent the spouses of those executives, professional and athletes, who may fear being left with nothing to show for their years of marriage. For all of our clients, high-profile or not, our civil, principled approach is calculated to produce the maximum benefit with the minimum amount of stress. We are skilled trial lawyers, but we are also skilled negotiators and well versed in the use of alternative ways of reaching a divorce settlement such as mediation and arbitration, and collaborative law. In fact, we achieve out-of-court settlements in a high percentage of the cases we handle not because we are not prepared for trial but because the settlement represents a more favorable and predictable resolution of the particular case.
Address : 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Denver, CO 80209
Phone : (303) 691-9600

David Littman, P.C.
At David Littman, P.C., our practice is focused on problem solving with and for families in crisis. Our mission is to use our skill, experience, ethics and diligent efforts in a teamwork approach to solve your legal problems while assisting you in managing this stressful time. We believe that our clients should play an active role in seeking the best solution to their legal problems, and we consider our clients to be part of our team.
Address : 1772 Emerson Street, Denver, CO 80218
Phone : (303) 832-4200

Zywicki Law Offices
I believe in using a diplomatically aggressive approach to maximize the benefits to the client and minimize the emotional and financial drain that often accompanies litigation. I believe the attorney and client are interdependent, so I encourage my clients to become involved in their case. Increasing client involvement creates a stronger attorney-client relationship and reduces expenses. As your attorney, my responsibility is to advise you of your options and the possible outcome of each to enable you to make an informed decision. Areas of practice: * Appeals * Civil Defense * Civil Prosecution * Criminal Defense * Family Law * Personal Injury.
Address : 695 South Colorado Boulevard #480, Denver, CO 80246
Phone : (303) 777-4200

Gerash Steiner & Toray, P.C.
At Gerash Steiner & Toray, P.C., our Denver lawyers offer legal representation for clients in civil and criminal court. Our Colorado law office provides a strong voice for: * serious accident & personal injury victims and their families, * for people seeking legal help with divorce, * for criminal defendants in Colorado criminal courts and state and federal appeals courts * people whose civil rights have been violated by the police * people who have suffered employment discrimination * victims of surgical errors and medical malpractice.
Address : 1775 Sherman Street #1650, Denver, CO 80203
Phone : (720) 496-4744

Johnson Sauer Legal Group, LLC
Johnson Sauer Legal Group, LLC is an experienced Colorado family law firm servicing all of Colorado, including the Denver, Boulder, and Aspen areas. We are a trusted team of divorce lawyers and divorce attorneys who care about your needs and can help you though this tough time. Johnson Sauer Legal Group, LLC, is a Colorado based family law firm dedicated to helping our clients succeed in contested family law disputes: * Divorce * "Custody" * Child Support * Domestic Violence * Maintenance/Alimony * Relocation * Parenting Time * Division of Property * Allocation of Debts * Prenuptual Agreements * Appeals * Mediation * Other Colorado Family Law cases.
Address : 300 South Jackson Street, Denver, CO 80209
Phone : (303) 394-3030