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Grossman Law Offices
Grossman Law Offices is a legal professional association practicing exclusively in the field of matrimonial and family law. The firm consists of seven attorneys and numerous in-house support personnel. In addition, the firm has developed an outstanding relationship with specialists in related fields including pension experts, certified public accountants, real estate and business appraisers. Established to meet the many complex financial and personal needs of clients involved in marriage breakdowns, the practice has extensive experience in successfully conducting difficult legal cases and settlement negotiations.
Address : 32 West Hoster Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 221-7711

Robert A. Bracco & Associates
Our Practice Area Overview: 1. Family / Domestic Law: Including divorce, dissolution, legal separation, prenuptial agreements, custody and child support matters, all juvenile matters including abuse, neglect and dependency and criminal matters. 2. Business Law: Including contracts, incorporations, operating agreements, non-compete/non-disclosure agreements, international trade agreements, and all business related litigation matters. 3. Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Cases: Car accidents, slip and fall, product liability and work related injuries as well as death cases caused by third party. 4. Civil Litigation: All civil areas of litigation, including business, domestic and international matters. Representation in all Federal and Ohio courts. 5. Criminal Matters: Domestic violence, OMVI, DUI and traffic violations, and all misdemeanor criminal actions. 6. Appellate Cases: Appeal case representation in all Ohio State Appellate Courts and Ohio Supreme Court, and all Federal Appeals Courts and the United States Supreme Court.
Address : 1170 Old Henderson Rd #109, Columbus, OH 43220
Phone : (614)-442-1953

Joseph & Joseph
Joseph & Joseph is a firm that has earned Martindale-Hubbell's highest rating, and its listing in Martindale-Hubbell® Bar Register of Pre-Eminent Lawyers.The firm practices in the following areas: * Real Estate * Domestic and Family Law * Business and Civil Trial Practice * Corporate * Employment * Banking * Commercial law.
Address : 155 W Main St # 200, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 449-8282

Bergman & Yiangou
Bergman & Yiangou is a general practice law firm specializing in helping families and individuals get through difficult times. Our firm consists of Ohio Bankruptcy law attorneys and General Practice Lawyers. We offer Debt relief during difficult financial times and work on defending your rights against criminal charges. In 1998 our firm started working primarily with debt relief. We have since expanded our practice to offer a variety of law expertise. Our attorney’s experience is highly regarded in state and federal courts throughout Ohio. We now offer help for clients with diverse needs in the following areas: * Bankruptcy Law * Divorce Law * Family Law * Social Security Disability * Criminal Defense.
Address : 3099 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204
Phone : (614) 279-8276

Babbitt & Weis LLP
Babbitt & Weis LLP is a firm dedicated to providing its clients strong, experienced representation in family and matrimonial law matters. With over forty years of combined family and matrimonial law experience and two Ohio State Bar Association Board Certified Family Relations Law Specialists, the attorneys of Babbitt & Weis LLP represent individuals in negotiating agreed resolutions, as well as representing clients in trial and appellate proceedings, for divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal separation, spousal support, property division, 60(B) proceedings, child custody, companionship rights, child support, establishment of parentage, contempt, domestic violence, pre-marital agreements, cohabitation agreements, and step-parent adoptions.
Address : 503 South Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 228-4200